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A New Development – Creating A Fine Art Portrait

For the past few years I have been following and admiring the work of photographers Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze. They both produce these amazing, painterly fine art portraits. As an art major (and almost art history minor) I was drawn to paintings by masters such as Rembrandt. Sue and Felix use lighting techniques similar … Continue reading

Event Photography for Fast Paced Company Team Experiences

When companies support charities and provide fun activities for their employees to do, the community really benefits. Paychex brought me in to photograph their company team for the Chase Corporate Challenge in downtown Rochester. I have seen Paychex compete in several charity walks and runs. They have an incredible company culture and a strong What … Continue reading

Tips for Awesome Professional Headshots

Getting a new professional headshot photography can be a scary situation. I often see people that I’ve known for years to be super happy and jovial turn into statues as soon as they get in front of the camera.They’ve often had bad experiences in the past and have not liked how their photos turn out … Continue reading

Actor Headshots

Actor headshot requirements are different than the rest. Your face really is your resume and I’ll help get you that job. For the most part, you’ll need just a head and shoulders headshot, but depending on the situation we can have a little more fun. If you want to be bold, contact me to talk … Continue reading

Unveiling the Real You: The Power of Authentic Personal Branding Headshots

In today’s world where everything is online, having a great personal branding headshot is super important. It’s like making a killer first impression without even being in the room. This is especially true for young folks who are just starting out and want to show the world what they’re all about, whether it’s in business … Continue reading

Challenging Candlelight Event Photography

One of my favorite things about event photography are the challenges that come my way. Eastman School of Music recently started holding candlelit ceremonies as part of the freshman welcome weekend. Having the right camera equipment allows me to provide photography at events like this and feel confident that I’ll be able to make the … Continue reading

Being a Photographer can Sometimes be Like Working at the Circus

The title is especially true when I am the event photographer at the Golisano Children’s Hospital annual Gala. Year after year the team at GCH produce one of the most successful events in Rochester. They have wild and fun themes which are always brought to life by the team at Wisteria Flowers. How fantastic will … Continue reading

When You Bring Someone as Awesome as Lidia Bastianich to Town, You Need Great Event Photography

I have been watching Lidia Bastianich for years and was thrilled to be asked to photograph her visit to a WXXI event. John is an incredible professional who goes above and beyond to get all the best images of the day. His photos are always beautiful and his customer service is excellent! ˜ WXXI Is … Continue reading

Event Photography for a Room Full of Heroes

Gilda’s Club is a charity in Rochester, NY that flies under the radar. They do so much for those living with cancer and their caregivers, with only a staff of under 10. This year they held their Heroes Ball at the Wintergarden, and as always I was there with my event photography skills. Is your … Continue reading