Tips for Awesome Professional Headshots

Getting a new professional headshot photography can be a scary situation. I often see people that I’ve known for years to be super happy and jovial turn into statues as soon as they get in front of the camera.They’ve often had bad experiences in the past and have not liked how their photos turn out … Continue reading

Actor Headshots

Actor headshot requirements are different than the rest. Your face really is your resume and I’ll help get you that job. For the most part, you’ll need just a head and shoulders headshot, but depending on the situation we can have a little more fun. If you want to be bold, contact me to talk … Continue reading

Unveiling the Real You: The Power of Authentic Personal Branding Headshots

In today’s world where everything is online, having a great personal branding headshot is super important. It’s like making a killer first impression without even being in the room. This is especially true for young folks who are just starting out and want to show the world what they’re all about, whether it’s in business … Continue reading

Headshots for Rochester NY based esports team Splyce

Boring headshots are the bane of my existence. When the email came from Splyce for some updated portraits, I did a little dance. (If you don’t know who Splyce is, they were an esports team located in Rochester, NY. They competitively played video games like Call of Duty and League of Legends.) They were looking … Continue reading