New! John Schlia Photography

This time of year always has us all reflecting on thankfulness. I am most thankful for my family. Of course having kids of my own makes me talk about my memories of my childhood. I was recently helping my mom get her house ready to sell and I had hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos to go through. I didn’t care much about the pictures of the trees or geckos from our trips to Florida but I loved reliving what Santa brought me for Christmas (check out the pattern on that couch!)

4 or 5 yr old John in a PJ onsie holding Mr. T action figure.
I pity the fool that made that pattern on the couch. I can still feel how scratchy it was, although it did the best job at hiding all the food I spilled on it.

Looking through everything also made me miss the 80s, yes I said it!

I felt that it was time to rebrand John Schlia Photography a bit. The iconography helped influence my new look for John Schlia Photography. I wanted to bring back those bright, bold colors and the sense of playfulness that I had as a child.

Me wearing a blue sweat suite at the Erie Zoo.
Adorable right?
4 or 5 yr old John in a PJ onsie holding Mr. Potato head on Christmas.
I totally see where my kids get it from. My poor parents.
4 or 5 yr old John in a brown pants and blue turtle neck standing in front of the christmas tree.
Super casual on Christmas Eve. (You probably can’t see it, but that blue wrapping paper has Garfield all over it. My dad loved Odie and I still have his ornament.)
I had a bowl cut and tiny glasses in 1984. Here I am sitting in front of an Atari 400.
Computers have always been a big part of my life. I don’t remember not having this Atari 400. Soon after this photo was taken, we got a newer Atari and I remember playing this awesome Bruce Lee game. Then in 1986 I distinctly remember building my first computer from scratch.
4 yr old me standing in front of a 1980's wooden tv console.
TVs today have no flair. Also, note that I started in bow ties early. Damn hipsters.

I felt that my old logo was too stuffy, afterall it was just black and white. I am more fun than two non-colors and this new John Schlia Photography will reflect that. I hope you love the new John Schlia Photography as much as I do.