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Lots of people in Rochester need great headshots. Professionals looking for sharp images for their online profiles, or actors putting together their resumes. Your face is the cover by which your book is judged. Hundreds of people around town have come to me to help them with their self promotion. However, photography gets a bad rap, and many people fear getting their photo taken almost as much as (more than?!) going to the dentist.

Well, then I guess I am the best dentist with the softest drill (I’m not sure about that analogy either, but go with me). What I am trying to say is that you have nothing to fear. I’ll take your headshot, portrait, professional picture, whatever you want to call it. But whatever you call it, you’ll love it.

Getting Ready for your Headshots

Hey, this is Photo City. So, Rochester headshots have to look their best! Following a few basic principles will make sure that you’re ready for your headshots.

Firstly, be good to yourself. I know you’ve got a really busy schedule and it is hard to juggle everything. However, the better your sleep and hydration the better your skin, eyes, and hair will look on the day. With that in mind, be sure to drink plenty of water in the days running up to your headshots and get a good night’s sleep.

Next, choose your outfits in advance. While your final choice may depend on if you’re a business professional or an actor, there are some fundamental considerations that everyone should bear in mind. For example, get out that lint roller and iron. The camera will pick up more than you think. So, make sure that your outfit(s) is clean, pressed and ready to be scrutinized by the lens!

Lastly, consider your hair and make-up. Remember that the camera is sensitive, so a little can go a long way. Men and women, both can benefit from a light application of correcting fluids and bases to even out skin tone and smooth over blemishes. From a natural-looking starting point, add touches here and there that reflect your personal style. If you tend not to wear make-up, keep it subtle; if you’re a full-face glamazon, keep in mind that strong looks will translate as very bold on camera and may overwhelm your face. A good rule of thumb is knowing what your shoot is for, if it is for business purposes, err on the side of toned-down. Preparing for your Rochester headshots and want a little more guidance? Click the headshot specific links above.

The majority of sessions take place in my office located in the Sibley Building in downtown Rochester. If your needs require something specific, I am available to go on location. In some cases, I can also add backgrounds digitally, giving you plenty of options.

You should bring plenty of options to the shoot, I’ll go over your choices with you when you arrive. Always bring clothes that match your style and personality. However, avoid clothes with busy patterns. Solid colors are best. Choose colors that complement your natural coloring so that your face, not your shirt, will stand out in the images. Make sure that your clothes are clean and neatly pressed. The camera picks up a lot more detail than you think. Standard retouching does not include fixing the wrinkles in your clothes. Make sure to dress comfortable, stay away from clothes that are too tight or uncomfortable. Finally, be rested and drink plenty of water the day before your shoot, it is amazing for your skin.

Hair and makeup is not included in the session fee. Most of the time men can get by without using professional hair and makeup, but a little powder or foundation can help even out skin tones and to keep the face from looking shiny. You can pick up a powder in your color at any department store or beauty supply store. It’s best to go where you can get professional help picking the right color. For women I recommend professional makeup, unless you don’t wear makeup (in that case, follow the tips for men above). A professional makeup artist knows how to make you look your best for the camera. You can bring your own makeup artist to the shoot, or I can provide you with a list. My office is open for you to have your hair and makeup done before your session, just make sure to let me know when you schedule your appointment.

For most headshot sessions my turnaround time is three business days to post your gallery of images. Once you make your retouching selections it is typically another five business days before your final, edited images are delivered to you. If you have a deadline and need something even faster, be sure to let me know when you book.

Your images will be pretty good straight out of camera. I use flattering lighting and posing techniques to make you look your best. Before I deliver the images to you I sort through and toss any of the blinky or blurry ones, color-correct and crop them. You can order images to be digitally retouched as an add on to your session. Each image you order is then given the highest level of attention to reduce and remove wrinkles and blemishes as well as stray hairs and dark circles. The key is to enhance the image without making you look fake. For more on our retouching process you can read this post on our blog.

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