What is a Schlia?

Well, it is a super rare breed of human. There are only 11 of us in America. Don’t feel embarrassed about not knowing how to pronounce it. I have heard it all. But, FYI it is pronounced – SHLEE-uh.

Meet John

Hey-yo, I’m John, a Rochester photographer. You hopefully guessed that. I really just like to have fun and help everyone around me have fun too. I usually have an off-color joke for you, but I can read my audience and won’t drop an f-bomb around your kids or boss – unless they drop one first.

Geeky things are my jam, especially Doctor Who. My excellent wife threw me a sweet Doctor Who themed birthday party with a ginormous TARDIS cake, it was waaay too much for the number of people. I was eating stale cake for weeks. I am definitely not one to waste cake. I’ll pretty much do anything for cake.

My wifey Anna and I have two kids. Wacky and crazy doesn’t start to describe them, but it gives you a good picture (get it, because I’m a photographer). My son loves LEGOs and is funny and clever as hell. He acts like he doesn’t dig my dad jokes but we all know he does. My daughter is too funny for her own good and loves to dance. During the pandemic we did what most people did and got a dog. That little corgi is just the cutest but he’s not nearly as funny as the humans.




Weddings Photographed


Oreos Eaten

I used to be a teacher. A middle school art teacher. I wasn’t in love with it or the abuse that middle school kids give out. So I opted for the abuse of owning my own business. The difference is that I actually do love owning my business. (Here is the cheese) My clients are the best, they really are. I always love walking into a new situation, whether it is a location for an editorial shoot that I haven’t been at before or trying to crack the sternest person in the office on headshot day. My goal is to capture you as you are. I am honored when my clients invite me into their lives. I am proud of my work and I enjoy sharing it with my clients, who in turn enjoy sharing it with their friends and family.

Wedding photography was a large part of what I love doing, but I can’t always eat cake (I have tried). Sometimes I get to eat scones or muffins at company events. Headshots are fun too! Whatever the job is that you hire me for, my goal is the same: to make you feel super comfortable and look awesome. I went to art school, so I learned to tell a story first and use a camera second. It has been in the years since college that I have sharpened those camera skills in order to walk into a situation and dominate! *high five*

What You Need in a Rochester Photographer

You’re here reading this. So, you must be looking for a Rochester photographer. Perhaps I can help. You now know a little about me and how I came to work in this field. However, hiring a photographer for your headshot or event, or to capture a treasured family portrait is a big exercise in trust. I get that. To help you consider, check out my tips to find a great Rochester photographer.

1. Know Your Style

There’s a lot to consider when trying to find a great photographer. A great starting place is getting a good grip on what photography style you prefer. You already know there’s plenty of places to get inspired online. You can lose yourself in Pinterest alone! Go for it. Trawling through photos to hone in on a style you like will help you connect with the best photographer for your shoot. Whether you’re looking for a more formal or more photojournalistic style, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you want from your photos. What you will find while looking at my work, is that I’m not constrained to one specific style – I shoot for the client.

2. Get to Know Your Local Photographers

Hey, this is Photo City! Even with Kodak’s changing fortunes, there are many wonderful Rochester photographers to choose from. Once you understand your style, you are ready to seek out the right professional for you. Browsing portfolios online is a great way to choose a photographer. Viewing samples of their work will let you know how they approach their subjects and how they use lighting and composition to capture your memories. But let’s be honest, I’m the photographer for you.

3. Face to Face

Finally, while the Internet is a great place to do your research, at the end the day you need to make sure you connect with the person you choose. So reach out. I love meeting with people. There’s no substitute for a 1-on-1 when looking for the right Rochester photographer for you.

Ah, shucks

After all that, do you think that I might be the Rochester photographer for you? I am honored to be considered! Please feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear more about what you’re planning and how I can help.