Thank You Rochester Hearing and Speech

Look at these little gems.

Being a photographer can actually be a physically demanding job. During a wedding or other event, I will sometimes sacrifice my body to get a great shot. At the end of a 14 hour wedding, my dogs are barking. Although I love a good party, the part that takes it’s biggest toll on me is the loud music. Over the past 10 years I have noticed something…a constant ringing in my ears, all of the loud music has caused me to develop tinnitus. Over time I had learned to block out the ringing, but the problem was brought to my attention by my son. Toddlers have a tendency to repeat what they hear. Lately he has been saying, “Like a good neighbor.” So I know that the Allstate commercials are sinking in, but he has also been saying, “huh?” a lot. It’s not that he can’t hear me, it’s that he is mimicking me !

Recently I have decided to take a preventative measure. Last year I built a relationship with the Al Sigl Center. They are a nonprofit organization that assists other agencies that serve the residents of the Rochester area. One agency that they serve is Rochester Hearing and Speech. I contacted them about my problem and they were great. They got me right in and set me up with a pair of musician’s earplugs. First, Carol made a mold of my ear canal, which was described to me as very curvy. Then I waited a month while the earplugs were cast. Today I picked them up, and it was like magic. I wore them on the car ride home and cranked the radio to test them out. It’s amazing how clear everything sounded.

I am looking forward to this “bullet proof vest” to wear on the dance floor. Brides: you can blast all the Chicken Dance that you want,  it’s not going to slow down my Cha Cha Slide.

A long and curvy ear canal !