Why You Should Avoid Stock Photography

I love collaborating with my clients on a new and interesting idea. It is very satisfying to give them what they are looking for. I do understand that sometimes, photography can exceed a client’s budget. When I price my services, I base it on the usage that the client needs. Whether an image will be in a national magazine or a local postcard makes a big difference. Occasionally clients turn to stock photography.

The image that I assembled below speaks directly to what I find wrong with stock photographs: you aren’t the only one using that image. In some cases it could actually hurt your brand, depending on the other company using the image your company could gain an unfavorable appearance. The billboard that I photographed (with my phone) can be seen in several locations around Rochester, while the Panasonic ad has run in photography magazines for several months. Quite honestly, I don’t trust Panasonic after this, they couldn’t even use the camera that they are advertising to make their ad.

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